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Ch. Sammantic Joy
VDH/DCNH S 01975/02

Whelped: 08.11.2002

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD B2
DNA tested: ja

Withers: 52 cm
Body length: 54 cm
Body depth: 20 cm
Chest measurement: 65 cm
Breeder: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Owner: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp

Pedigree: (Please click on images for further information)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
USA-Champion Rexann's Vintage Stock
AKC WP812814/01 2-99 OFA24G OFEL24 CERF42
USA-Champion Rexann's Musicmaster
AKC WP379267/01 3-94 OFA100E OFEL24 
USA-Champion Rexann's I'Ve Got Integrity
AKC WG192847 4-92 OFA32G WH 
USA-Champion Rexann's Sharpshooter
AKC WG032507 12-88 OFA33G WH 
USA-Champion Rexann's I'Ve Got Sass CD
AKC WF531317 12-88 OFA24 WH 
USA-Champion Charisma's Wind Song Of Vostok
AKC WG101576 4-92 OFA28G WH 
USA-Champion El-Al's Echo Of King And Neptune
AKC WF306533 9-84 OFA33 WH 
Ice Way's Lotta Charisma
AKC WF669043 4-88 OFA24G WH 
USA-Champion Rexann's Dancing Noel
AKC WP527478/02 9-96 OFA24G CERF85 
USA-Champion Charisma's Hung The Moon
AKC WP457278/01 4-94 OFA24G CERF97 
USA-Champion Charisma's Constant Comment
AKC WP298657/01 4-92 OFA24G WH BLK PTS 
USA-Champion Indian Valley's Palace Moon
AKC WA115300 3-62 
USA-Champion Rexann's I Believe In Magic
AKC WP382600/01 4-94 OFA24G 
USA-Champion El-Al's Echo Of King And Neptune
AKC WF306533 9-84 OFA33 WH 
Ice Way's Lotta Charisma
AKC WF669043 4-88 OFA24G WH 
Ch. Sammantic Funny Girl
VDH/DCNH S 99 1626
Int. Ch. Whitecliff's Karu Jointventure
AKC WP495782/06
HD-Rating: HD B1 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Blak Jocque Karu
AKC WP344253/05
HD-Rating: HD-frei 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Sugar Ray Karu
AKC WG063277 
USA-Champion Hoof 'n Paws Can't Be Crush
AKC WF934242 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Our Barusi Karu
AKC WG341322
HD-Rating: HD-frei 
USA-Champion Shekina's Beraka of Aimee
AKC WE930835 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Raisin'Kana Ka
AKC WF894724 
Ch. Frostyacres Chinagirl
VDH/DCNH S 96 1308

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD B2 
Kipperic Peter O'Malley
AKC WP342291/91 4-94 OFA25G 
USA-Champion Heritage The Professor
AKC WF520416 6-86 OFA38E 
Ch. Heritage Kipperic Mallory
AKC WF980467 10-91 OFA24G 
Ch. Frostyacres Born Blonde
AKC WP349877/01 3-95 OFA34E 
Frostyacres Double Image
AKC WG081240 4-90 OFA33G 
Frostyacres Hot Salsa
AKC WG352164 4-90 OFA38G 
Breeding permission: Until reaching the age of eight
res. BIS Veteran Oldenburg 2011
Deutscher Veteranen Champion DCNH
German Veteran Champion VDH
2x BIS Veteran Annaberg 2010
German Champion VDH
AKC Champion
Qualified forr Crufts 2009
International Champion
Czech Champion
Slovakia Winner
Slovenia Winner
Bosnian Champion
Montenegro Champion
Zagreb Sieger 2007
Winner Baden-Würtemberg 2007
Winter Winner 2007

Show results:
Date Event Name Judge Class Placement
07.05.2011 Dortmund E. Whitney Veteran Platz 1 - vet. CAC - vet. VDH - bester Veteran
06.05.2011 Dortmund R. Whitney Veteran Platz 1 - vet. CAC - vet. VDH - bester Veteran
10.04.2011 Oldenburg S. Kirschbichler Veteranen-Gruppe res. BIS Veteran
10.04.2011 Oldenburg J. Eberhardt Veteran Platz 1 - vet. VDH - vet. BOB
09.04.2011 Oldenburg Dr. W. Peper Veteran Platz 1 - vet. VDH - vet. BOB
12.02.2011 Rheinberg V. Schön Veteran Platz 1 - vet. DCNH - vet. VDH - vet. BOB
15.01.2011 Nürnberg S. Schriböck Veteran Platz 1
12.12.2010 Kassel G. Schäfer Veteran Platz 1 - vet. VDH
11.12.2010 Kassel A. Kammerscheid-Lammers Veteran Platz 1 - vet. VDH
28.11.2010 Annaberg-Buchholz B. Spoljaric Veteranen-Gruppe BIS Veteran
28.11.2010 Annaberg-Buchholz M. Blaha Veteran Platz 1 - vet. CAC - vet. VDH - Veteransiegerin Annaberg
27.11.2010 Annaberg Buchholz Mrs. Doljesova Veteranen-Gruppe BIS Veteran
27.11.2010 Annaberg-Buchholz B. Spoljaric Veteran Platz 1 - vet. CAC - vet. VDH - BOB
21.11.2010 Nedela (SK) S. Balogh Champion V 1 - CAC - New Slovakian Champion
31.10.2010 Hannover H. Assenmacher-Feyel Champion V 1 - CAC - VDH - CACIB
24.10.2010 Stuttgart E. Sistermann Champion V 1 - res. CAC - VDH
23.10.2010 Stuttgart M. Heine Champion V 1 - res. CAC - VDH - res. CACIB
10.10.2010 Arad (Rom) R. Schill Champion EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB - NEW ROMANIAN CHAMPION
09.10.2010 Arad (Rom) F. Gatti Champion EXC 1
28.03.2009Nitra (SK)Mr. Vaclavik (CZ)OpenEXC 2
08.03.2009CruftsMrs L. MorganOpenReserve
20.09.2008 Spirit of Heartland KC Brian Meyer Open WB/BOW
19.09.2008 St Louis DBA Charles Olvis Open WB/BOW
01.06.2008CACIB-NITRA (SK) Mrs Ridarcikova (SK) Champion EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB
30.05.2008CAC-SENEC (SK) Mr Paunovic (SERB) Champion EXC 1 - CAC
01.05.2008 CACIB-BAR (MNE) Mr Curcic (SERB) Open EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB
29.03.2008CACIB-KATOWICE (PL)Mrs Leung (HK) group BOG-3
29.03.2008CACIB-KATOWICE (PL) Mrs Supronowicz (PL) Champion EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB
23.03.2008PRAGUE (CZ) Mr Redlicki (P) Group BOG-2
10.02.2008Brno (CZ) S. Momcilovic Vretenicic ChampionV 1 - CAC - Res.CACIB
25.11.2007Zagreb (HR)Z. Fon Zidar (SLO)ChampionV 1 - CAC - CACIB Zagreb Winner
17.11.2007Praha (CZ)M. Maruskova (CZ)ChampionV 1 - CAC
11.11.2007Nat. StuttgartMrs. ZidarChampionV 1 - VDH - CAC Beste Hündin
10.11.2007CACIB StuttgartM. HeineChampionV 1 - VDH - CAC - CACIB
16.09.2007Gradistka (BiH)R. Mazalica (BiH)OpenV 1 - CAC - BOB NEW BOSNIAN CHAMPION
15.09.2007Gradistka (BiH)S. Momcilovic VretenicicOpenV 1 - CAC - Res.CACIB
09.09.2007CACIB LeipzigJ. NemecOpenV2- Res. VDH
26.08.2007Rotterdam (NL)R. Hubenthal (N)OpenV1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB
29.04.2007Prague (CZ)A. Di Lorenzo (I)OpenV1 - CAC - Res.CACIB
14.04.2007Monte CarloL. Mach (CH)OpenV1 - CAC - CACIB
17.03.2007Nitra (SK)L.Ubrova (CZ)OpenV1 - CAC - Slovakia Winner
04.03.2007MunicJ. KastlOpenV1 - CAC - VDH - CACIB - BOB
04.03.2007MunicE. Clerc (CH)GroupBIG 1 / Landessieger München
25.02.2007Celje (SLO)H. Kirchbichler (A)OpenV1 - CAC - Club Winner