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BIS AKC Ch. Arctic Aivik Rhapsody in Blue
VDH/DCNH S 02097/04

Whelped: 24.11.2002

BIS AKC Ch. Sammantic Melody
BIS AKC GCh. Sammantic Only You

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD B1
DNA tested: ja/yes

Withers: 51 cm
Body length: 51 cm
Body depth: 24 cm
Chest measurement: 59 cm
Breeder: Bruno und Andrea Eicher
Owner: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp

Pedigree: (Please click on images for further information)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Ch. Sammantic Here Comes Trouble
VDN/DCNH-S 01738/00

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
USA-Champion Bramblewoods Blulite Special
DCNH-S 99 1649

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A1 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Trip T' Ren-J
AKC WP423950/06 2-94 OFA24F CERF58 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Gambler
AKC WG107479 9-89 OFA30G CERF 112 
Sno Questor's Callico O Ren J'S
AKC WG190812 8-91 OAF26G 
Ch. Bramblewoods White Delite CD
AKC WG181982 9-94 OFA27G 
Ch. T-Snow Star's Claim to Fame
AKC WF890615 5-88 OFA25G 
Ch. Bramblewood's Berry Sweet CD
AKC WF701260 8-88 OFA28G 
Ch. Frostyacres I Dream O’ Jeannie
VDH/DCNH S 99 1648

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Gambler
AKC WG107479 9-89 OFA30G CERF 112 
USA-Champion Risuko's Mister Moonlight
AKC WF264427 3-84 OFA33 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Maid'en Northwind
AKC WF345056 7-85 OFA28 
Ch. Frostyacres Picnic n the Park
AKC WP534640 8-97 
Ch. Summerhills Brees of Seaview
AKC WG253005 7-93 OFA40G 
Ch. Frostyacres Golly Ms Molly
AKC WG421316 5-94 OFA31G 
Ch. Ikiliikkujan Snow Wonder
FIN 33605/00 
Ch. Ikiliikkujan Snowstorm
FIN 42462/95 
Ch. Polar Mist Lavender Blue
AKC WP862898/02 
USA- Champion Polar Mist True Blue
AKC WP 642894/05 
USA- Champion Polar Mist Russian Princess
AKC WP 328765/01 
Breeding permission: until reaching the age of eight
German Champion VDH
Three times Best in Show 2006
AKC-Champion und Multiple Groupwinner USA
Luxemburg Jgd. Champion
Junior World Champion 2004
VDH-Europajugendsieger 2004
Brasil Junior Champion (2004-04-17 and 2004-04-15)

Show results:
Date Event Name Judge Class Placement
15.06.2008CAC ErfurtLothar MendeOpenV1 - VDH - Res.CAC
14.06.2008CACIB ErfurtAgnes GanamiOpenV1 - VDH - CAC - Res. CACIB
17.12.2006Skokie Valley KCC. L. OlvisWorking GroupGroup 1
16.12.2006Skokie Valley KCC. TrotterWorking GroupGroup 1
16.12.2006Skokie Valley KCP. HaasBest in ShowBest in Show
15.12.2006Fox River Valley KCDr. C. ReasinWorking GroupGroup 2
02.12.2006American KCJ. A. StudebakerBest of Breed/VarieJudge`s Award of Merit
26.11.2006Lake Shore KCR. M. ChashoudianWorking GroupGroup 3
25.11.2006Lake Shore KCC. BellWorking GroupGroup 4
19.11.2006Council Bluffs KCS. Greendale-PavezaWorking GroupGroup 2
18.11.2006Council Bluffs KCS. Greendale-PavezaWorking GroupGroup 3
10.11.2006Greater Muskegon KCR. D. SmithWorking GroupGroup 3
21.10.2006Holland Michigan KCJ. DoniereWorking GroupGroup 1
15.10.2006Mason City KCG. J. HeitzmanWorking GroupGroup 1
08.10.2006Stone City KCP. GellermannWorking GroupGroup 4
01.10.2006Greater Freeport Illinois KCR. MenakerWorking GroupGroup 3
17.09.2006Manitowoc County KCB. KrauseWorking GroupGroup 1
16.09.2006Manitowoc County KCDr. A. KrauseWorking GroupGroup 1
10.09.2006Kenosha KCG. HeitzmanWorking GroupGroup 1
09.09.2006Kenosha KCW. PaquetteWorking GroupGroup 1
03.09.2006Danville Illinois KCD. HansenWorking GroupGroup 3
02.09.2006Danville Illinois KCR. D. SmithWorking GroupGroup 2
14.08.2006Greater Racine KCB. R. LeiningerWorking GroupGroup 3
25.07.2006Greater Muskegon KCDr. C. ReasinWorking GroupGroup 1
16.07.2006Kishwaukee KCJ. RichardsonWorking GroupGroup 2
15.07.2006Kishwaukee KCL. OlvisWorking GroupGroup 2
10.07.2006Greater Dekalb KCR. ShreveWorking GroupGroup 2
02.07.2006Mattoon KCR. LashbrookWorking GroupGroup 1
01.07.2006Champaign IL KCR. S. ForsythWorking GroupGroup 2
30.06.2006Champaign IL KCD. HansenWorking GroupGroup 2
25.06.2006Berrien KCB. SchwartzWorking GroupGroup 1
23.06.2006Valparaiso KCF. W. SchwartzWorking GroupGroup 1
22.06.2006Valparaiso KCL. M. RiddleWorking GroupGroup 2
11.06.2006Lake Minnetonka KCB. CapstickWorking GroupGroup 1
04.06.2006Fargo-Moorhead KCC. L. OlvisWorking GroupGroup 1
04.06.2006Fargo-Moorhead KCDr A. W. KrauseBest in ShowBest in Show
03.06.2006Fargo-Moorhead KCDr A. W. KrauseWorking GroupGroup 1
03.06.2006Fargo-Moorhead KCS. Goose AllenBest in ShowBest in Show
02.06.2006Fargo-Moorhead KCB. L. KrauseWorking GroupGroup 1
21.05.2006Kokomo KCL. WalkowiczWorking GroupGroup 2
20.05.2006Kokomo KCB. CapstickWorking GroupGroup 1
19.05.2006Marion KCP. Mowbray-MorganWorking GroupGroup 1
14.05.2006Minnesota River Valley KCL. ValiunasWorking GroupGroup 3
09.04.2006KC of YorkvilleC. WalkowiczWorking GroupGroup 1
08.04.2006KC of YorkvilleJ. RichardsonWorking GroupGroup 1
02.04.2006Dewitt IowaD. BuxtonWorking GroupGroup 3
26.03.2006Dubuque KCC. TrotterWorking GroupGroup 3
11.03.2006Columbia KCC. L. OlvisWorking GroupGroup 2
04.02.2006St. Joseph KCL. J. SinclairWorking GroupGroup 3
22.01.2006GreenvilleB. L. ClarkeWorking GroupGroup 2
21.01.2006GreenvilleDr. A. W. KrauseWorking GroupGroup 1
24.10.2005Illinois Capitol KCJ. GoodinWorking GroupGroup 1
23.10.2005Illinois Capitol KCJ. DoniereWorking GroupGroup 1
21.10.2005Mattoon KCDr. R. SmithWorking GroupGroup 1
15.10.2005IowaE. K. GammillWorking GroupGroup 1
02.10.2005Hoosier KCE. SullivanWorking GroupGroup 3
01.10.2005Michiana KCDr. L. A. ReasinWorking GroupGroup 1
19.09.2005Winnegamie DCJ. R. ColeWorking GroupGroup 2
03.09.2005Amana, IowaK. SteenWorking GroupGroup 2
21.08.2005MarshfieldR. D. SharpWorking GroupGroup 2
20.08.2005MarshfieldC. L. OlvisWorking GroupGroup 1
06.08.2005MarshallR. ChashoudianWorking GroupGroup 2
05.08.2005MarshallB. SchwartzWorking GroupGroup 1
17.07.2005DuluthB. SchwartzWorking GroupGroup 1
16.07.2005DuluthJ. GoodinWorking GroupGroup 1
03.07.2005Sioux ValleyM. B. FishBest of BreedBOB
03.07.2005Sioux ValleyM. B. FishWorking GroupGroup 3
02.07.2005Sioux ValleyJ. GoodinBest of BreedBOB
25.06.2005Crab Orchard KCDr. J. D. JonesBest of BreedBOB
25.06.2005Crab Orchard KCJ. A. DoniereWorking GroupGroup 3
23.06.2005Valparaiso KCM. A. SchwartzBest of BreedBOB
23.06.2005Valparaiso KCM. A. SchwartzWorking GroupGroup 1
17.06.2005Little Fort KCC. L. OlvisOpen1st
17.06.2005Little Fort KCC. L. OlvisWinnersWinners
17.06.2005Little Fort KCC. L. OlvisBest of BreedBest of Opposite Sex
04.06.2005IndianheadDr. R. D. SmithOpen1st
04.06.2005IndianheadDr. R. D. SmithWinnersWinners
04.06.2005IndianheadDr. R. D. SmithBest of BreedBest of Winners
04.06.2005IndianheadDr. R. D. SmithBest of BreedBest of Opposite Sex
15.05.2005MississippiDr. R. D. SmithOpen1st
15.05.2005MississippiDr. R. D. SmithWinnersWinners
15.05.2005MississippiDr. R. D. SmithBest of BreedBOB
15.05.2005MississippiD. O. HutchinsonWorking GroupGroup 2
14.05.2005Tupelo KCD. O. HutchinsonOpen1st
14.05.2005Tupelo KCD. O. HutchinsonWinnersWinners
14.05.2005Tupelo KCD. O. HutchinsonBest of BreedBOB
14.05.2005Tupelo KCD. O. HutchinsonWorking GroupGroup 3
13.05.2005MississippiR. D. SmithOpen1st
13.05.2005MississippiR. D. SmithWinnersWinners
13.05.2005MississippiR. D. SmithBest of BreedBOB
13.05.2005MississippiR. D. SmithWorking GroupGroup 2
08.05.2005Platte Valley KCA. BerriosOpen1st
08.05.2005Platte Valley KCA. BerriosWinnersWinners
08.05.2005Platte Valley KCA. BerriosBest of BreedBOB
07.05.2005Platte Valley KCE. RizziOpen1nd
07.05.2005Platte Valley KCE. RizziWinnersWinners
07.05.2005Platte Valley KCE. RizziBest of BreedBest of Winners
07.05.2005Platte Valley KCE. RizziBest of BreedBOB
01.05.2005Packerland KCK. KahnOpen2nd
30.04.2005Packerland KCD. FroehlichOpen2nd
24.04.2005Fond du Lac CountyL. R. MapesOpen1st
24.04.2005Fond du Lac CountyL. R. MapesWinnersWinners
24.04.2005Fond du Lac CountyL. R. MapesBest of BreedBest of Opposite Sex
23.04.2005Fond du Lac CountyS. Greendale-PavezaOpen1st
23.04.2005Fond du Lac CountyS. Greendale-PavezaWinnersWinners
17.04.2005Steel CityT. GomezOpen1st
17.04.2005Steel CityT. GomezWinnersWinners
17.04.2005Steel CityT. GomezBest of BreedBest of Winners
16.04.2005Steel CityD. P. ClineOpen1st
16.04.2005Steel CityD. P. ClineWinnersWinners
16.04.2005Steel CityD. P. ClineBest of BreedBest of Opposite Sex
03.04.2005IowaD. HansenOpen1st
03.04.2005IowaD. HansenWinnersWinners
03.04.2005IowaD. HansenBest of BreedBest of Winners
03.04.2005IowaD. HansenBest of BreedBOB
02.04.2005IowaE. K. GammillOpen2nd
02.04.2005IowaE. K. GammillWinnersReserve Winner
27.03.2005Dubuque KCF. W. SchwartzOpen1st
27.03.2005Dubuque KCF. W. SchwartzWinnersWinners
27.03.2005Dubuque KCF. W. SchwartzBest of BreedBest of Winners
27.03.2005Dubuque KCF. W. SchwartzBest of BreedBest of Opposite Sex
26.03.2005Dubuque KCCol. J. B. PurkhiserOpen2nd
26.03.2005Dubuque KCCol. J. B. PurkhiserWinnersReserve Winner
06.02.2005Budapest (H)T.Gellen (H)OpenV1 - CAC -R.CACIB
22.01.2005Nurnberg (D)R.Hardtmann (D)OpenV1 - VDH - ResCAC - ResCACIB
16.01.2005Tromostovje (SLO)L.Wilberg (N)OpenV1 - CAC - CACIB
05.12.2004KasselM. HeineOffeneV1 - RCAC - VDH - RCACIB
15.10.2004Dortmund BundessiegerA.Assenmacher (D)IntermediateV 1 - CAC - VDH - RCACIB
10.10.2004BudapestM. van BremptChampionV 1 - CAC - CACIB
09.10.2004BudapestR. van MechelenChampionV 1 - CAC - CACIB
02.10.2004FriedrichshafenMarto SteinbacherChampionV 1 - CAC - VDH - CACIB
18.09.2004Ballerup (DK)T.Thorn (UK)IntermediateV 1
21.08.2004Bratislava (SK)T.Havelka (SK)IntermediateV 1 - CAC - RCACIB
05.06.2004European Dog ShowA.Choya (E)IntermediateV 1
15.05.2004Mostar (BiH)P.Muntean (RO)IntermediateV 1 - CAC
07.05.2004Dortmund EuropasiegerKlindrup (DK)JuniorV 1 - BOB
17.04.2004World Dog ShowD.Ojalvo (ARG)JuniorV 1 - Junior World Winner
17.04.2004World Dog ShowR.Menaker (USA)GroupBIG 3 Junior
15.04.2004Rio de Janeiro (BR)Rizzini (BR)JuniorV 1
15.04.2004Rio de Janeiro (BR)B.R.Leininger (USA)GroupBIG 1 Junior
28.03.2004Luxembourg (L)R.Oliveira (P)JuniorV 1
20.03.2004Reggio EmiliaP.Harsany (H)JuniorV 1

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