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Dogshow in Karlsruhe

Dogshow in Bogota

20 years of Sammantic - the whole team on Tour

Girlsday 2010

2006 Showtraining and Dogwalk

Dogwalk 2005

Dogshow in Karlsruhe 2013

Really nice Dinner in Karlsruhe in the restaurant Anders in the tower with Kathi Wilke, Danielle Goodland, Klara Miketová, Heidi Brauer und Barbara Bruns (from left)

Show in Bogota 2013

Our three successful dogs in Bogota!
Sammantic Only You, Sammantic Aani and Ponadto Kruszon

20 years of Sammantic - the whole team on Tour

For the 20th anniversary of the Sammantic Kennel all employees got invited to a journey to the Husky Lodge in the Muotathal in Switzerland. Among other things we tried beeing a Musher, made a walking tour with snowshoes, created ice sculptures, walked through the Holloch and enjoyed the view while a Lama trakking. The whole Team says "Thank you" for that great trip!

Girlsday 2010

This year we gave 4 young girls the chance to have a look at our work!

26. August 2006
2006 Showtraining and Dogwalk

since April I was looking forward to the invitation of Mrs. Bruns to attend the meeting of the nordic dogs at the 26th of August. After the meeting she invited us for show training.

"Beneca" and me had been very excited and started early to be on time for sure. The chaos started on the motorway when the first announcement came: "30 kilometres jam from Stapelfeld" Okay, the second announcement: "20 kilometres jam!" So I decided to take a detour. What a pity that the traffic jam started in Ahrensburg and the navigation system advised me not to drive through Hamburg City. Furthermore we had a couple of constructions in the road which made me more and more nervous because I felt I would be late. . So what: I called Mrs Bruns and call her and I hoped to arrive at least on time for the show training at 4 p.m. I hoped...!

When I arrived it was 4:45pm. I was warmly welcomed and without reproach. The training was in full activity in a tent and I was surprised to see so many different Nordic dogs.
Together with the Samoyeds there had been Malamutes, Island dogs, Huskies, Lundehunde, one Lhasa Apsos, one Labrador puppy and one Tibet terrier puppy. There was also a Rottweiler .She listened perfectly to French instructions.
For the training Mrs Bruns had asked Katja Rauhut and with her also the beginners learned a little bit about the shows. They explained and showed us in detail what the judge is looking for and what the Handler has to look for. We also learned which leashes are correct and suitable for showing, too. If you had not brought your own one was provided to you. Another topic was how to enter for the shows and what are the meanings of the results are.. It was a beautiful, sunny day but fortunately not too hot.
I forgot the 4hours drive - it was simply lovely.

This nice day was finished by a barbecue with a cold buffet and a lot of drinks. During this nice meeting you could exchange experiences and ask questions which got answered in detail and patiently. The full day didn’t cost anything but who wanted could donate something. And I think everybody liked it as much as I because in the end we collected 205€ together. The money was donated to "Nordische in Not" (Nordic dogs rescue).
A Special thanks to Mrs Bruns for hosting the event.
If there is a meeting like this again I would gladly like to accept the invitation.

Dogwalk 2005

Vitality of dog and owner was announced when the enthusiastic dog-fancier Barbara Bruns and Wolfgang Stamp invited the big dog-family to their house.

There was not only a big “Hallo” between the people also many dogs met their mother, father, brother or sister. Next to the enjoyment of reunion – fortunately without rain and most of the time sun – we got useful informations: “First-aid at dogs” was one point of the lecture programme. We didn´t get only an answer to the question: “How do I come up to a hurt pet?”

After lunch we go for a walk between the fields before we heard trivia things about the feeding of dogs. Later the Laßrönner dog-team showed what they can.
Starting with the breeding accreditation over Agility to the grooming we did not only theorie but also a lot of practice. Who attended good could easily answer the quiz-questions and win something after a informative and amusing day.