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Ch. Sammantic Kanzone Blue
VDH/DCNH S 02112/04

Whelped: 21.12.2004

AKC Ch. Sammantic Nancy
Ch. Sammantic Nice and Easy
BIS AKC GCh. Sammantic Now or Never

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A1
DNA tested: ja/yes

Withers: 55 cm
Body length: 58 cm
Body depth: 25 cm
Chest measurement: 70 cm
Breeder: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Owner: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp

Pedigree: (Please click on images for further information)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Ch. Sammantic Here Comes Trouble
VDN/DCNH-S 01738/00

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
USA-Champion Bramblewoods Blulite Special
DCNH-S 99 1649

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A1 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Trip T' Ren-J
AKC WP423950/06 2-94 OFA24F CERF58 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Gambler
AKC WG107479 9-89 OFA30G CERF 112 
Sno Questor's Callico O Ren J'S
AKC WG190812 8-91 OAF26G 
Ch. Bramblewoods White Delite CD
AKC WG181982 9-94 OFA27G 
Ch. T-Snow Star's Claim to Fame
AKC WF890615 5-88 OFA25G 
Ch. Bramblewood's Berry Sweet CD
AKC WF701260 8-88 OFA28G 
Ch. Frostyacres I Dream O’ Jeannie
VDH/DCNH S 99 1648

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Gambler
AKC WG107479 9-89 OFA30G CERF 112 
USA-Champion Risuko's Mister Moonlight
AKC WF264427 3-84 OFA33 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Maid'en Northwind
AKC WF345056 7-85 OFA28 
Ch. Frostyacres Picnic n the Park
AKC WP534640 8-97 
Ch. Summerhills Brees of Seaview
AKC WG253005 7-93 OFA40G 
Ch. Frostyacres Golly Ms Molly
AKC WG421316 5-94 OFA31G 
Sammantic Fairytale
DCNH-S 01628/99 
Int. Ch. Whitecliff's Karu Jointventure
AKC WP495782/06
HD-Rating: HD B1 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Blak Jocque Karu
AKC WP344253/05
HD-Rating: HD-frei 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Sugar Ray Karu
AKC WG063277 
USA-Champion Hoof 'n Paws Can't Be Crush
AKC WF934242 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Our Barusi Karu
AKC WG341322
HD-Rating: HD-frei 
USA-Champion Shekina's Beraka of Aimee
AKC WE930835 
USA-Champion Whitecliff's Raisin'Kana Ka
AKC WF894724 
Ch. Frostyacres Chinagirl
VDH/DCNH S 96 1308

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD B2 
Kipperic Peter O'Malley
AKC WP342291/91 4-94 OFA25G 
USA-Champion Heritage The Professor
AKC WF520416 6-86 OFA38E 
Ch. Heritage Kipperic Mallory
AKC WF980467 10-91 OFA24G 
Ch. Frostyacres Born Blonde
AKC WP349877/01 3-95 OFA34E 
Frostyacres Double Image
AKC WG081240 4-90 OFA33G 
Frostyacres Hot Salsa
AKC WG352164 4-90 OFA38G 
Breeding permission: Until reaching the age of eight
Int. Champion
German Champion DCNH
German Champion VDH
Rheinberg Winner 2008

Show results:
Date Event Name Judge Class Placement
08.05.2010 Romana D. Klein Champion EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB
04.05.2010 Bulgarien I. Dimitrov Champion EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB
16.05.2009St. GallenM. Delaquis ChampionV2 - res. CAC
01.05.2009DortmundH. Assenmacher-FeyelOffeneV1 - VDH - res. CAC - res. CACIB
12.04.2009Szilvásvárad J. MijatovicOffeneV1 - CAC - CACIB
05.04.2009DresdenH. Assenmacher-FeyelOffeneV1 - VDH - CAC - BOB
28.03.2009BerlinE. Chwalibog (PL)OffeneV1 - VDH - CAC - CACIB
14.03.2009OffenburgR. HardtmannOffeneV1- VDH - Res.CAC - res. CACIB
08.03.2009MünchenE. SistermannOffeneV1 - CAC - CACIB
17.01.2009CACIB NürnbergFrau RichardOffeneV2 - res. VDH - res. CAC - res. CACIB
17.02.2008CAC RheinbergMr. Nebojsa SvrakaOpenV 1 - VDH - CAC - Rheinbergsiegerin
19.01.2008CACIB NürnbergGuido SchäferOpenV 1- VDH - CAC - CACIB
09.12.2007CACIB KasselG. KastlOpenV 1 - VDH - CAC - CACIB
26.05.2007CAC RheinbachA. EicherOpenV 2- Res .VDH
24.03.2007BerlinH. Assenmacher-FeyelOpenV 1-VDH-CAC-CACIB

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