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Ch. Sammantic Prokofieff
VDH/DCNH-S 02616/10

Whelped: 07.04.2010

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: A1
DNA tested: ja/yes

Withers: 56 cm
Body length: 60 cm
Body depth: 24 cm
Chest measurement: 65 cm
Breeder: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Owner: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp

Pedigree: (Please click on images for further information)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
BIS AKC GCh. Sammantic Now or Never
VDH/DCNH-S 02429/08

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: A1 
Multi BIS/BISS USA/CAN. Champion Vanderbilt's Playin' it Cool
CKC PS974335

Coat colour: white 
Ch. Shebaska`s Classic Charmer
CKC LG719559 
Ch. Risuko`s Amorak at Katimavik
CKC 1050400 
Ch. Shebaska`s Astrid of Kyserbear
CKC FG347102 
Ch. Vanderbilt Plays the Field
CKC MA784088 
Ch. Risuko`s Amorak at Katimavik
CKC 1050400 
Ch. Wolf River`s Vanderbilt Mesa
AKC WP58020208 
Ch. Sammantic Kanzone Blue
VDH/DCNH S 02112/04

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A1 
Ch. Sammantic Here Comes Trouble
VDN/DCNH-S 01738/00

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
USA-Champion Bramblewoods Blulite Special
DCNH-S 99 1649

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A1 
Ch. Frostyacres I Dream O’ Jeannie
VDH/DCNH S 99 1648

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
Sammantic Fairytale
DCNH-S 01628/99 
Int. Ch. Whitecliff's Karu Jointventure
AKC WP495782/06
HD-Rating: HD B1 
Ch. Frostyacres Chinagirl
VDH/DCNH S 96 1308

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD B2 
BISS/BIS AKC Ch. Polar Mist X-Tasy
VDH/DCNH-S 02162/05

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: A1 
Ch. Vanderbilt's Warpaint
WR06033301 (07-03) OFA29G WH & BSCT (CAN)
Ch. Wanderbilt's True Lee
WP95455801 (06-05) OFA33E WH & BSCT (CAN) AKC  
Vanderbilt's Breakin' Trail
CKC BN114937 WH (CAN) 
CH. Wolf Rivers's Vanderbilt Mesa
WP58020208 OFA32G WH 
Vanderbilt's Live it UP
WP95455501 WH (CAN) 
Ch. Vanderbilt's Secretariat
WP36861001 (11-92) OFA27G WH (CAN) 
Mystical Marla of Vanderbilt
WP54917005 OFA25G WH 
Ch. Polar Mist Nauti lil Goldig'R
WP97971701 (04-03) CERF52 WH BLK PTS 
Ch. Oakbrooks Strike it Rich
WP82782205 (05-00) OFA24G OFEL24 WH BLK PTS AKC DN 
Ch. Oakbrook's Panning for Gold na Nap NJP
WP58632610 (05-97) WH AKC 
Ch. Sassillie's Mauka Carousel
WP55256804 (03-98) WH AKC 
Ch. Polar Mist Nauti Girl
WP61332407 (10-97) OFA34G CERF115 WH 
Ch. Winterforst's Gyrfalcon
WP32390011 (12-92) OFA25G WH 
Ch. Polar Mist Champagne on Ice
WP34814206 (06-95) OFA35G WH BLK PTS 
Breeding permission: Appointment for life
Croatian Champion
BIS 2 Lahn-Dill Schau
BIS 3 Lahn-Dill Schau
German Champion VDH
ger. Junior Ch. VDH
ger. junior Ch. DCNH
Jugendsieger Glauchau

Show results:
Date Event Name Judge Class Placement
25.05.2014 CACIB Litomerice M. Vaclavik BOB Res. BIS
25.05.2014 CACIB Litomerice L. Ubrova BOB BOD
25.05.2014 CACIB Litomerice O. Dolejsova BOB BOG 1
25.05.2014 CACIB Litomerice G. Ridarcikova Open CAC - CACIB - BOB
04.05.2014 CACIB Zadar L. Catalan Open EXC 1 - CAC - R. CACIB
03.05.2014 CACIB Zadar B. Spoljaric Open EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB
02.05.2014 CACIB Zadar B. Müller Open EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB
01.05.2014 CACIB Zadar A. B. Knoll Open EXC 1 - CAC - CACIB
27.07.2013 CACIB Ludwigshafen E. Sistermann Champion V 1 - res. CAC - res. CACIB
28.04.2013 Lahn-Dill Schau V. Schön BOB BIS 2
28.04.2013 Lahn-Dill Schau L. Reinelt-Gebauer Offene V 1 - CAC - VDH - BOB
27.04.2013 Lahn-Dill Schau L. Reinelt-Gebauer BOB BIS 3
27.04.2013 Lahn-Dill Schau V. Schön Offene V 1 - CAC - VDH - BOB
18.11.2012 CACIB Zagreb F. Kovacev Champion EXC - res. CAC - res. CACIB
19.08.2012 CAC Leipzig G. Schäfer Offene V 1 - res. CAC - VDH
18.08.2012 CACIB Leipzig K. Strack Offene V 1 - res. CAC - VDH - res. CACIB
11.08.2012 CACIB Ludwigshafen M. Heine Offene V 2
22.07.2012 CACIB Augsburg M. Delaquis Offen V 1 - CAC - VDH - CACIB
10.06.2012 CACIB Erfurt W. Schicker Offen V 1 - res. CAC - VDH - res. CACIB
09.06.2012 CAC Erfurt H. Tast Offen V 2 - res. VDH
06.08.2011 CACIB Ludwigshafen G. Kastl Zwischen V 2 - res. VDH
31.07.2011 CAC Bremen E. Deutscher Zwischen V 1 - res. CAC - VDH
30.07.2011 CACIB Bremen E. Clerc Zwischen V 1 - VDH
24.07.2011 CACIB Augsburg H. Assenmacher-Feyel Zwischen V1 - VDH
08.07.2011 Championat de France J-C Klein Jugend EXC 3
26.06.2011 CACIB Brno V. Piskay Jugend V 2
07.05.2011 Dortmund E. Whitney Jugend V
06.05.2011 Dortmund R. Whitney Jugend V 2 - res. jgd. CAC - res. jgd. VDH
24.04.2011 CACIB Dresden J. Eberhardt Jugend V 1 - jgd. DCNH - jgd. VDH
09.04.2011 CAC Oldenburg Dr. W. Peper Jugend V 1 - jgd. VDH
02.04.2011 CACIB Berlin E. Sistermann Jugend V 2 - res. jgd. DCNH - res. jgd. VDH
18.03.2011 CACIB Katowice A. B. Knoll Junior EXC 1
20.02.2011 CAC Glauchau P Król Jugend V 1 - Jgd. DCNH - Jgd. VDH - BOB
19.02.2011 CAC Glauchau P. Guild Jugend-Gruppe BOG 3
19.02.2011 CAC Glauchau P. Guild Jugend V 1 - Jgd. CAC - Jgd. VDH - Jgd. BOB
12.02.2011 CACIB Rheinberg V. Schön Jugend V 1 - Jgd. DCNH - Jgd. VDH
23.01.2011 CACIB Milan F. Ferrari Jugend EXC 1
22.01.2011 CACIB Milan J. Blangino Jugend EXC 1
15.01.2011 CACIB Nürnberg S. SchreiböckJugend V 3
31.10.2010 CACIB Hannover H. Assenmacher-Feyel Jüngsten VV 1

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