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Ch. Sammantic Lars
VDH/DCNH-S 02116/05

Whelped: 08.02.2005
Deceased: 17.06.2013

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD B1
DNA tested: ja/yes

Withers: 56 cm
Body length: 60 cm
Body depth: 23 cm
Chest measurement: 78 cm
Breeder: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Owner: Ernst Knabe, Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp

Pedigree: (Please click on images for further information)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Ch. Arctic Aivik Russian Teryky
SHSB 616521
Ch. Sammantic Here Comes Trouble
VDN/DCNH-S 01738/00

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
USA-Champion Bramblewoods Blulite Special
DCNH-S 99 1649

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A1 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Trip T' Ren-J
AKC WP423950/06 2-94 OFA24F CERF58 
Ch. Bramblewoods White Delite CD
AKC WG181982 9-94 OFA27G 
Ch. Frostyacres I Dream O’ Jeannie
VDH/DCNH S 99 1648

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A2 
USA-Champion Sanorka's Moonlight Gambler
AKC WG107479 9-89 OFA30G CERF 112 
Ch. Frostyacres Picnic n the Park
AKC WP534640 8-97 
Ch. Ikiliikkujan Snow Wonder
FIN 33605/00 
Ch. Ikiliikkujan Snowstorm
FIN 42462/95 
Ch. Polar Mist Lavender Blue
AKC WP862898/02 
USA- Champion Polar Mist True Blue
AKC WP 642894/05 
USA- Champion Polar Mist Russian Princess
AKC WP 328765/01 
Ch. Sammantic India
VDH/DCNH S 01911/01

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD A1 
Ch. Rexann’s Fortune N’Gold HT
AKC WP 883179/01
USA-Champion Rexann's Vintage Stock
AKC WP812814/01 2-99 OFA24G OFEL24 CERF42
USA-Champion Rexann's Musicmaster
AKC WP379267/01 3-94 OFA100E OFEL24 
USA-Champion Rexann's Dancing Noel
AKC WP527478/02 9-96 OFA24G CERF85 
USA-Champion Charisma Rexann Heart O' Gold CD
AKC WP377938/03 11-95 OFA24G OFEL24 CERF102 WH BLK 
USA-Champion Charisma's Constant Comment
AKC WP298657/01 4-92 OFA24G WH BLK PTS 
USA-Champion Charisma's Trace Of Vengance
AKC WG245337 4-92 OFA35G WH 
Ch. Frostyacres Chinagirl
VDH/DCNH S 96 1308

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: HD B2 
Kipperic Peter O'Malley
AKC WP342291/91 4-94 OFA25G 
USA-Champion Heritage The Professor
AKC WF520416 6-86 OFA38E 
Ch. Heritage Kipperic Mallory
AKC WF980467 10-91 OFA24G 
Ch. Frostyacres Born Blonde
AKC WP349877/01 3-95 OFA34E 
Frostyacres Double Image
AKC WG081240 4-90 OFA33G 
Frostyacres Hot Salsa
AKC WG352164 4-90 OFA38G 
Breeding permission: Appointment for life
Sieger Glauchau
German Champion DCNH
Sieger Annaberg 2010
Sieger Erzgebirge 2010
Serbian Champion
German Champion VDH
Bundessieger Tulln 2007
Montenegro Champion
Macedonian Champion
Bulgarian Champion
Balkan Champion
Luxembourg Champion (submitted)
Slovakian Champion

Show results:
Date Event Name Judge Class Placement
09.10.2011 CACIB Rostock H. van den Berg Ehren Platz 1
02.04.2011 Berlin E. Sistermann Ehren Platz 1
19.02.2011 Glauchau P. Guild Ehren Platz 1 - BOB
12.12.2010 Kassel G. Schäfer Champion V 1 - res. CAC - VDH - res. CACIB
11.12.2010 Kassel J. Pohling BOB BOG 3
11.12.2010 Kassel A. Kammerscheid-Lammers Champion V 1 - CAC - VDH - BOB
28.11.2010 Annaberg-Buchholz M. Blaha Champion V 1 - CAC - VDH - BOB - Sieger Annaberg
27.11.2010 Annaberg-Buchholz B. Spoljaric Champion V 1 - CAC - VDH - Sieger Erzgebirge
26.09.2010 DCNH Hockenheim G. Schäfer Ehren Platz 1
25.09.2010 DCNH Hockenheim V. Schön Ehren Platz 1
27.03.2010 Samoyed Specialty Belgium H. Fitzgibbon Champion EXC 2
31.10.2009HannoverE. DeutscherEhrenPlatz 1
17.10.2009Bundessieger DortmundN. Vaskas(GRI)EhrenPlatz1
09.10.2009Samoyed Club of SlovakiaKathleen RonaldChampionEXC
08.10.2009World Dog Show BratislavaGiovanni Battista TaboChampionEXC
02.08.2009BremenA. Kammerscheid-LammersEhrenPlatz 1
01.08.2009BremenDr. PeperEhren Platz 1
07.06.2009NeumünsterG. Kastl (GER) EhrenklassePlatz 1
24.01.2009CACIB-Trencin (SK)Mrs. RidarcikovaOpenEXC1 - CAC - NEW SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION
17.01.2009Nürnberg Frau Richard ChampionV2 - res. VDH
06.09.2008CACIB LuxemburgMr. SelimovicChampionExc 1 - CAC - CACIB - NEW LUXEMBOURG CHAMPION
30.08.2008CAC-OHRID (MK) Mr Pesev (MK)Champion EXC - CAC - BOB - BOG
29.08.2008CAC-OHRID (MNE) Mrs Vretenicic (MNE)Champion EXC - CAC - NEW MONTENEGRO CHAMPION
24.08.2008CAC-ARILJE (SRB) Mrs Makevic (SRB)Champion EXC - CAC
16.08.2008CACIB-BRATISLAVA (SK) Mr Harsany (H)ChampionEXC1 - CAC - CACIB
17.08.2008CACIB-BRATISLAVA (SK) Mr Havelka (SK)Champion EXC1 - CAC - CACIB
25.05.2008CACIB GießenG. RichardChampionV1 - VDH - CAC - CACIB - BOB
12.05.2008CACIB SaarbrückenGuido SchäferChampionV2 - Res. VDH
19.04.2008CACIB LingenCrawford MantonChampionV2 - Res. VDH
15.02.2008CACIB Offenburg L. MachOffene V 1 - VDH - Res. CAC - Res. CACIB
24.02.2008FribourgS. BisterOpenV 1 - CAC
23.02.2008FribourgA. EicherOpenV 1 - CAC
19.01.2008CACIB NürnbergGuido SchäferOpenV 1 - VDH
11.11.2007Nat. StuttgartMrs. ZidarOpenV 2 - Res. VDH
10.11.2007CACIB StuttgartM. HeineOpenV 2 - Res. VDH. - Res. CAC - Res. CACIB
14.10.2007BS DortmundV. SchönOpenV 1 - VDH
11.10.2007Nat. DortmundM. FujimotoOpenV 1 - Res. VDH
29.09.2007Tulln (A)I. Ehold (A)ChampionV 1 - CACA - CACIB - BOB - Bundessieger
29.09.2007Tulln (A)E. Deutscher (A)GroupBIG 5
09.09.2007CACIB LeipzigJ. NemecOpenV1- VDH- Res. CAC- Res. CACIB
02.09.2007CAC KönigswinterV. SchönOpenV2 - Res. VDH
26.08.2007Rotterdam (NL)R. Hubenthal (N)ChampionV1 - CAC - CACIB - Best Male
11.08.2007LudwigshafenRudi HardtmannOpenV1 - VDH - Res. CAC - Res. CACIB
13.01.2007NürnbergR. HardtmannOpenV1 - CACIB - VDH - DCNH CAC
01.10.2006Greater Freeport Illinois KCR. H. MenakerOpen1st
01.10.2006Greater Freeport Illinois KCR. H. MenakerWinnersWinners
28.07.2006Greater Milwaukee Samoyed F.R. D. GiffordOpen3rd
17.06.2006Chicagoland Samoyed ClubR. K. BradyOpen2nd
03.06.2006Fargo-Moorhead KCDr A. W. KrauseOpen3rd
02.06.2006Fargo-Moorhead KCJ. A. DoniereOpen3rd
28.05.2006Illinois Valley KCR. TessendorfOpen3rd
27.05.2006Corn Belt KCDr. G. C. PentaOpen2nd
26.05.2006Illinois Valley KCM. L. BillingsOpen3rd
13.05.2006Minnesota River Valley KCL. ValiunasOpen3rd
08.04.2006KC of YorkvilleJ. RichardsonOpen3rd
19.03.2006Louisville KCS. Greendale-PavezaOpen3rd
18.03.2006Evansville KCN. LiebesOpen2nd
17.03.2006Louisville KCL. J. SinclairOpen3rd
16.03.2006Mid-Kentucky KCP. HastingsOpen2nd
05.03.2006Wisconsin KCR. J. ShreveOpen2nd
04.03.2006Wisconsin KCLee BrownOpen2nd
26.02.2006Int. KC of ChicagoA. T. FlemingOpen2nd
24.02.2006Blackhawk KCR. H. MenakerOpen3rd
29.01.2006Chain O'Lakes KCR. H. SlayPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.
28.01.2006Park Shore KCDr. K. A. DoegPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.1st
28.01.2006Park Shore KCDr. K. A. DoegWinnersReserve Winner
19.01.2006Iverness Florida KCA. J. PorporaPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.1st
17.01.2006Clearwater KCR. S. ForsythPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.1st
16.01.2006Pasco Florida KCJ. R. ColePuppy 9 - 12 Mos.2nd
08.01.2006Jacksonville Dog F.A. Inc.E. GunterPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.2nd
07.01.2006Greater Daytona Dog F.A. Inc.W. D. HudsonPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.1st
06.01.2006Greater Daytona Dog F.A. Inc.C. BellPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.2nd
18.12.2005Western Reserve KCR. L. PellandPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.1st
17.12.2005Richland County KCB. CapstickPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.1st
16.12.2005Medina KCN.-L. H. CoombsPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.2nd
15.12.2005Lorain County KCJ. FournierPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.3rd
13.11.2005Grand Rapids KCP. A. HessPuppy 9 - 12 Mos.1st
12.11.2005Kalamazoo KCI. BivinPuppy 6-9 Mos.1st
12.11.2005Kalamazoo KCI. BivinWinnersReserve Winner
27.10.2005SCA OwensboroE. E. BivinPuppy Dogs 6-9 M.3rd
16.10.2005Mason City KCE. K. GammillPuppy 6-9 Mos.1st
15.10.2005Cyclone Country KCP. A. Mowbray - MorganWinnersWinner
15.10.2005Cyclone Country KCP. A. Mowbray - MorganPuppy1st
09.10.2005Stone City KCB. J. YamadaPuppy1st
09.10.2005Stone City KCB. J. YamadaWinnersReserve Winner
02.10.2005Hoosier KCE. SullivanPuppy 6-9 M.1st
02.10.2005Hoosier KCE. SullivanWinnersWinners
02.10.2005Hoosier KCE. SullivanBest of Breed/VarieBest of Winners - Best of Opposite Sex
01.10.2005Michiana KCF. W. SchwartzBest of Breed/VarieBest of Winners - Best of Opposite Sex
01.10.2005Michiana KCF. W. SchwartzWinnersWinners
01.10.2005Michiana KCF. W. SchwartzPuppy 6-9 M.1st
25.09.2005SheboyganP. NykielWinnersWinners
25.09.2005SheboyganP. NykielPuppy1st
25.09.2005SheboyganP. NykielBest of Breed/VarieBest of Winners
24.09.2005SheboyganL. WhittierPuppy1st
24.09.2005SheboyganL. WhittierWinnersWinners
19.09.2005Winnegamie Dog ClubC. WalkowiczPuppy 6-9 M.1st
19.09.2005Winnegamie Dog ClubC. WalkowiczWinnersWinners
19.09.2005Winnegamie Dog ClubC. WalkowiczBest of Breed/VarieBest of Winners
18.09.2005Manitowoc County KCM. L. TougasPuppy 6-9 M.1st
18.09.2005Manitowoc County KCM. L. TougasWinnersWinners
17.09.2005Manitowoc County KCD. M. BooxbaumPuppy 6-9 M.1st
17.09.2005Manitowoc County KCD. M. BooxbaumWinnersReserve Winner
16.09.2005Oshkosh KCDr. R. A. IndegliaPuppy 6-9 M.1st
16.09.2005Oshkosh KCDr. R. A. IndegliaWinnersWinners
16.09.2005Oshkosh KCDr. R. A. IndegliaBest of Breed/VarieBest of Winners - Best of Opposite Sex
10.09.2005Pontiac KCN.-L. H. CoombsPuppy 6-9 M.1st
10.09.2005Pontiac KCN.-L. H. CoombsWinnersWinners
10.09.2005Pontiac KCN.-L. H. CoombsBest of Breed/VarieBest of Winners
03.09.2005Cedar Rapids KCS. Greendale-PavezaPuppy 6-9 M.1st
03.09.2005Cedar Rapids KCS. Greendale-PavezaWinnersReserve Winner
28.08.2005Heart of America KCE. W. HauptPuppy 6-9 M.2nd
27.08.2005Heart of America KCF. D. HauptPuppy 6-9 M.1st
27.08.2005Heart of Amerika KCFay Dorval HauptWinnersReserve Winner
26.08.2005Leavenworth KCJ. A. HarringtonPuppy 6-9 M.2nd
26.08.2005Heart of America Samoyed ClubJ. C. SiglerPuppy 6-9 M.1st
25.08.2005Leavenworth KCL. R. MapesPuppy 6-9 M.1st
25.08.2005Leavenworth KCL. R. MapesWinnersReserve Winner